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Hemp & Lavender Body Bar
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Dock & Bay x Foamie: Blue Hair Wrap + Coconut Shampoo Bar
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Dock & Bay x Foamie: Pink Hair Wrap + Hibiscus Shampoo Bar
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Argan Oil and Vanilla Body Bar
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FOAMIE Shampoo Bar used on the hair

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One year on...

After using for about a year now, my hair definitely feels healthier, softer and I prefer using it. I have thick wiry hair and I’ve always found it difficult to find hair care that doesn’t dry my hair out, so I am really happy to have found Foamie. It does taking a bit of getting used to initially but it’s totally worth it. Also really handy for travel!

Ninety washes per bar!

I admit to having been a bit hesitant as I'd never used anything but liquid shampoo before. However, now that I've used it I never intend going back. This is so easy to use. I started using my bar in September and am on the last bit, which has just broken off the ribbon, now in March. The bar comes on a ribbon so you can hang it up to dry so you don't get a soggy scummy soap. I don't intend to ever use liquid shampoo again.

Just wonderful.

My husband had a stroke and is unable to squeeze shampoo bottles. This shampoo bar is just wonderful for him, and I've even started using it myself! Just so easy to use and smells AMAZING.

I have THE MOST unmanageable hair in the history of hair. If the devil made hair, he'd had made mine. I use solid shampoo because I don't like all the plastic but the frustrating hair never gets any less frustrating. I tried Foamie because I love the idea of it hanging on a string. also it's half the price of another brand which I currently use and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED... Lovely shiny hair! I can believe it!

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