5 Ways to Reduce Plastic Usage

5 Ways to Reduce Plastic Usage

Plastic is not so fantastic… this has been well determined for a while. So, reducing your plastic usage has become critical! We thought that instead of spreading doom and gloom we can instead give you some hints for what you can change in your daily routine that helps you make these changes.


  1. Reduce Single Use Plastics

It is beyond obvious, but sadly not enough people have changed their habits to reduce their use of single use plastic! Plastic bags are still being used, and even foods that don’t need packaging are put into plastic packaging… if only bananas have a naturally occurring protective skin am I right? This however is not difficult to change. Loads of supermarkets offer loose fruit and veg, and if that isn’t possible, buy it in bulk! You will then reduce the amount of plastic wasted per product. Also, a canvas tote bag is not only stylish, but inherently useful and can comfortably carry your food shop without having to kill a seagull.


  1. Recycle Chewing Gum

Did you know that chewing gum is made from plastic? Therefore, when you are walking through towns and see the mosaic of white blotches, they have probably been there for a long time… I mean a long time! However, luckily, we don’t have to stop our habit of chewing gum. Instead, you recycle it! Yes, recycled chewing gum does sound a bit grim, but it is worth it to save the planet and lessen your impact.


  1. Spread The Word

Change doesn’t happen easily, instead it happens with the brave few who lead the charge, proving to people that it is possible to reduce plastic waste without ruining your favourite activities. Simply talk to co-workers, friends, and family to encourage them to take the leap. This means that not only your plastic usage decreases but loads of others too!


  1. Avoid Microplastics

Microplastic are not only emitted from some beauty products, but also your clothing! Microplastics are small plastic pieces less than five millimetres long which can be harmful to our ocean and aquatic life. In some exfoliating beauty products, the exfoliating balls can be made from small plastic balls that after use, get washed away into the main drainage and then into the oceans. As you can imagine, this results in fish getting confused and eating the plastic which then enters food chain. It is the similar story for clothing too. When you wash your favourite polyester t-shirt, small plastic stands come off and go into the water. This results in more plastic entering the aquatic food chain. How do you stop this though? Easy. Buy a Guppy Bag which traps in the microplastics during washes and means you can safely dispose of them in the bin.


  1. Find an Alternative

Each FOAMIE bar replaces 2 plastic bottles, and we aren’t the only ones leading the charge on plastic free alternatives. So, keep an eye out for plastic free alternatives like FOAMIE (think metal straws etc.), which means you can continue doing the things you love without having to cost the earth. As we increase our product range, we hope that you can continue replacing these plastic packaged products for something more planet friendly and still exciting!

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  • Tamara Allen

    I am ordering lots of foamie products at the moment t to save plastic but wish on your 3 in 1 mens the hole is in the middle of the bar like the body bars as it breaks very quickly and yoi can’t hang it up after a couple of uses.

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