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Beyond a Seaspiracy

The Netfilx documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ has provoked a global reaction, revealing the ugly truth of industrial fishing, sea pollution and all things plastic.  

Whilst there are a lot of eye-opening messages from this documentary, the focus on plastic pollution in our oceans is something that resonated deeply with FOAMIE and our plastic free mission. 

Released just days after World Water Day, ‘Seaspiracy’ begins with a focus on the almost insurmountable problem of plastic pollution; bringing attention to our colossal consumption that results in the truck-load of plastic dumped in the ocean every minute, now surpassing a staggering 150 million tonnes. 

This plastic pollution is swallowed by sea creatures such as whales and dolphins, killing thousands of animals that are integral to fighting the losing battle against global warming. In fact, sea life such as these fertilise phytoplanktons, microscopic marine plants that absorb 4x the carbon dioxide of the amazon rainforest per year and produces 85% of the oxygen we breath. 

And the plastic that isn’t swallowed doesn’t just float there… 

Our plastic pollution breaks down into microplastics, creating a toxic soup that seeps into every living creature in the ocean, accounting for 80% of life on earth.  

It’s a simple yet clear message: reducing our plastic consumption isn’t just needed to save our seas, it’s needed to save our entire planet. 

How Can We Reduce Our Plastic Consumption? 

At FOAMIE, we believe that looking at your bathroom is a good start.  

Every plastic bottle, tub and tube sitting in each bathroom across the UK right now will likely be tossed to the 150 million tonne pile of putrid plastic pollution pickling in our oceans right now. 

I know what you’re thinking – why not just recycle the plastic packaging? 

Whilst recycling is a common solution, it has now become an industrial process due to the large-scale operation. The resources expended from the mass collection of plastic to the processing of the plastic is polluting the earth. 

So why not cut out the middle man? Why not remove plastic packaging from your bathroom products? 

This is the seed idea from which FOAMIE has flourished. 

FOAMIE brings you a quality plastic free beauty routine fantastic for you and our environment. From our Exfoliating Body Bar with Apricot Seeds & Shea Butter  to our Coconut Shampoo Bar for Normal Hair, FOAMIE has a unique range of plastic free beauty products tailored to you. 

Our plastic free mission is beyond a ‘Seaspiracy’, it’s a global mission towards sustainability without compromising quality. 

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