Up to now, Cleanhub has more than 70 customers, and aims to have maximum impact by focusing on non-recyclable coastal plastic.

Cleanhub - Building an Economy where Plastic is too Valuable to Waste

The Cleanhub Vision

Every foundation starts with a vision.

Ours is fairly simple: freeing the planet from plastic pollution.

People worldwide depend on plastic in all aspects of their daily lives; it’s a critical part of pretty much everything: food packaging, home goods, cosmetics, *you name it.* Essentially,  packaging that gets thrown away immediately after consumption.

Imagine the masses of plastics used every day - from these thousands of tonnes, only 15% get recycled.

What about the other, ‘worthless’ 85%? Well, that part gets incinerated, ends up in landfills, or sadly ‘vanishes’ into the environment and the oceans. In many parts of the world, waste management systems do not exist, and communities may not have the means to deal with plastic sustainably. Building resilient plastic collection systems in these countries is the fastest, most cost-effective, and sustainable solution for protecting our oceans.


This is where Cleanhub steps into the game:

We developed a system that matches sustainable brands who want to contribute to a world without plastic pollution with partners on ground who run plastic recycling projects in high-impact countries.

Our digital platform enables large-scale recovery of plastic waste in these regions. In this process, the on-ground service companies collect and recover all plastics while the partner brands fund it. Regarding the recovery process, we always make sure to find the best methods for treating plastic in the region where it’s collected.

Non-recyclables are turned into alternative fuels.


Brands who choose to take the Cleanhub path become ‘Plastic-Neutral’

The concept is simple: If a brand brings 1kg of plastic in circulation, Cleanhub’s partner network collects 1kg of plastic - before it can end up in our oceans.

Brands can track how our partner networks collect the plastic in real-time on our digital platform. Once the equivalent of their packaging waste is collected, they receive a "Plastic Neutral" seal.

By going plastic neutral, brands will protect the oceans and grow their business with us.

We track the chain of custody from plastic waste collection to recovery or recycling with our tech platform. All active stakeholders in the chain of custody are provided with the Cleanhub app - using this online tracking tool, we make sure that contracted volumes are collected on ground and that our collection partners receive their correct payments.

Up to now, Cleanhub has more than 70 customers, and aims to have maximum impact by focusing on non-recyclable coastal plastic.

Building supply chains for alternative materials can take years - our solution makes an immediate impact:



Environmental AND Social Impact at Scale

A vital concern of Cleanhub is to support our collection partners in building capacity when it comes to social impact in developing countries:

We are proud to support and guide our partners in setting high social standards for their employees and closely monitor each of the ongoing projects.Having developed a social management system, we ensure that they have a good understanding and implementation of local labor and safety laws compliance.

Cleanhub’s plastic credits deliver not only environmental but social impact, too - where it’s needed most.

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