Foamie Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo: Good For Your Hair, and the Environment!

Dry shampoo has long been an indispensable part of our beauty arsenal - and not just to rejuvenate second-day hair: the fine powder also reliably ensures volume and grip. In fact, you can even make your own beauty routine a little more sustainable by using dry shampoo. If you replace the daily hair wash with the dry alternative once a week, you save an average of 500 litres of water per person and year. Not to mention the time you save… think of the lie-in in the morning!


But before you start using it, you should take a close look at which dry shampoo ends up in the shopping cart, because there are some very big differences here - especially when it comes to the environment. Almost all dry shampoos are based on ecologically harmless rice or corn flour, but the other components are often problematic, especially in the case of sprays! Among them are substances such as parabens, silicones, lilial, fragrances, lyral, alcohol, diethylphthala, film formers, talc, preservatives and sometimes even aluminum. The greenhouse gases propane, isobutane and butane are found in every spray bottle and are necessary for the fine atomization of the product, but they also promote climate change. The aluminum salts they contain dry out the scalp and have been tested in a few cases for embedding itself in the body and causing cancer.


In order not to have to do without our hair superhero, we at FOAMIE have developed a product that works its miracles and is gentle on the environment at the same time. Our “Instant Freshness Dry Shampoo” is 100 percent natural, plastic-free, free of greenhouse gases, vegan and biodegradable. Rhassoul, also often referred to as washing earth, is mineral-rich clay from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, which gently binds fats and dirt on the hair and scalp. Additionally, it contains rice and orange peel powder which absorbs excess sebum without weighing the hair down. Natural color particles for either blonde and light hair or brown and dark hair types ensure that the powder blends perfectly and that no visible residue remains.


Anyone who has been used to spray bottles up to now will quickly notice that switching to dry shampoo in powder form has many advantages. For example, it is easier to dose and gets exactly to the strands that you want to refresh. This also reduces consumption! When sprayed, a large amount of the product ends up in the air - and in our airways. Spray cans are used up faster, you spend more money and thus produce more waste at the same time. The part of the sprayed aerosols that we inevitably breathe can in the worst case even trigger hypersensitivity reactions, irritation and respiratory problems, but also headaches, tiredness and sleep disorders.


To apply the dry shampoo in powder form perfectly, either sprinkle a small amount into the palm of your hand and then massage it into your hair. Or carefully put it directly on the base and carefully work it in with your fingers. If only small areas are the goal, a make-up brush can be helpful. Before you reach for the brush to comb out the residue, you should give the product a little time to work. This is what it takes to absorb the excess sebum and dirt. After about five minutes you can brush through with a paddle brush (preferably upside down). Used too much product? No problem! Just use a hair dryer to help. Excess powder can easily be blown away with cold air. Professional tip from many hair stylists: apply the shampoo before going to bed, leave it on overnight and wake up with fresh hair.


Whether applied overnight or freshly in the morning - the next time you wash your hair, you should massage thoroughly so that all product residues are completely removed from the scalp and thus the pores cannot be clogged. A scalp exfoliator (no more than once a week) will help you and at the same time stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp through the massage. So it's a win-win situation!


You see, the powder can truly work miracles. Want to try it for yourself? View our shampoos here!

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