Eco Friendly Shampoo UK | Love Your Planet

Eco Friendly Shampoo UK | Love Your Planet

Eco Friendly Shampoo UK | Love Your Planet

By Foamie UK

Eco Friendly Shampoo UK is gaining steam in the UK. Consumers demand eco friendly shampoo alternatives. Away with plastic bottles and in with shampoo bars.

According to Zero Waste, more than 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global beauty industry, most of which are not recyclable. 

As we all know, most beauty products are packaged in plastic, which can take up to 1000 years to decompose. And we’re just talking about your average shampoo bottle, not to mention the plastic wrapping, foam etc that are often all present in just one purchase.

Why is it important to use an eco-friendly shampoo in the UK?

To add some context – the average household in the UK uses upwards of 210 plastic haircare bottles EVERY, SINGLE, YEAR. It’s an absolutely astounding number that we simply don’t think about. How? Stop squeezing the bottle. Start using a moisturising body wash bar, sulphate free shampoo bar, and eco-friendly dry shampoos.

It’s not just plastic that is a problem in the beauty industry, but also the vast water waste. Water is the beauty and cosmetic’s industry’s most used ingredient, and plenty of beauty products on the market formulate their products with far too much water. As well as water, air pollution is yet another negative impact caused by the beauty industry. New research reveals that hairsprays and deodorants pollute the environment as much as car emissions.  

However, at FOAMIE we are here to change the existing negative environmental effects of the beauty industry. We want to change the way beauty products are created to save our environment. This is what FOAMIE is all about.

FOAMIE products contain absolutely zero plastic. Even the cotton string on our bars is fully recyclable. To date, we have saved around 7 million plastic bottles and avoided 2.1 tonnes of plastic waste, all with sustainable yet scientific ingredients.

FOAMIE products contain approximately 90% less water than liquid shampoos and body washes. We all have water easily accessible in our bathrooms, so we don’t need to ship water around the globe in our beauty products. Our Shampoo Bars are essentially shampoo concentrate, meaning you don’t need too much of the product and don’t need too much water, which means the products will last much longer. Our Dry Shampoo contains no aerosol and is also fully plastic-free, yet again avoiding air pollution caused by plenty of aerosol dry shampoos on the market. Foamie Berry Blossom Dry Shampoo is a great dry shampoo alternative.

Using FOAMIE & other plastic free alternatives is a great 1st step towards a sustainable future. We aren’t the end all, but our mission is to contribute.

Plastic free without compromise.

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