Happy Day - To an Important Women in Your Life

Happy Day - To an Important Women in Your Life

Mothers, Daughters, Caregivers

Happy Mother’s Day! Here at Foamie, we understand the power of self-care. We also understand how busy women, and mother’s, around the world are. Taking dedicated time for yourself out of each day is so important for your physical and mental well-being. Even if you can only spare 5 minutes, self-care improves your mood, happiness and relationship with others. Making that time and space to relax and unwind is shown to have a significant impact on your overall happiness, calmness and mental health. This Mother’s Day, let’s all try to carve out some self-care time for ourselves and our busy loved ones. 

There are so many ways to relax and it varies from person to person. If you’re in need of some inspiration, we’ve compiled a small list of things you can incorporate into your daily routine that can boost your mental and physical health. Because we know you’re busy, these things can be seamlessly added to your daily routines so it doesn’t cost you any precious time. Let’s check them out. 

1. Mediation 

Meditation is a quick and easy mental wellness habit that can be incorporated into your morning or evening routine. Instead of trying to find time to meditate, try using the first 5 minutes that you wake up or before you go to sleep to lay in bed and meditate. There are free apps, such as Headspace, that can guide your meditation practice or you can do it silently in your own head. You are already in a comfortable, calm space and using this time to do a quick meditation can be so beneficial to your mental health. 

2. Journaling

Journaling doesn’t need to be something that needs significant time set aside. Try bringing your journal along with you during your day. If you have a spare 5 minutes where you would typically scroll on your phone, perhaps pull out your journal and take a moment to reflect on your thoughts. It doesn’t have to be a long entry, just a few sentences to jot down how you are feeling and anything you need to get off your chest. You will be surprised at how much better it feels to put your thoughts into writing. 

3. Enhancing Your Shower Routine

Enhancing your shower routine is a way to elevate your mental state and make a daily, mundane task more exciting for you. Choosing a solid shampoo bar with a scent that feels good to you or enhancing your hair dry routine with a comfortable hair wrap can be the small changes that make an ordinary action a bit more exciting. 

4. Fresh Air

The power of fresh air is so important. But, you don’t need to go for an hour walk or run a half marathon in order to reap the benefits of fresh air. Simply stepping outside for 5 minutes and taking deep breaths can have the same effects as a workout. Instead of bussing or tubing that extra 5 minutes to work, consider hopping off a stop early and walking the rest of the way. An easy way to get some quality, outdoors time without disrupting too much of your routine. 

This Mother’s Day, let’s encourage those around us to take time to look after themselves. Mental well-being is so important in today’s day in age and we at Foamie want to be there to support you at every stage of your self-care journey.

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