How To Use Your Foamie

How To Use Your Foamie

Your FOAMIE Bar is fun, plastic-free and easy to use! Humans have been using bars for cleaning, and revitalising themselves, since 1550 BC and easily predates the use of any soap bottles! Our environmentally conscious bar provides a simplified cleansing process to bring you a locally crafted, in the UK, FOAMIE bar that us good for both you and the planet.


Here are the 5 easy steps we recommend:

  1. Hold under running water
  2. Rub between your hands to create foam
  3. Spread evenly on your hair/body/face
  4. Rinse thoroughly
  5. Hang your bar to dry or store it in your FOAMIE Travel Buddy

 And that is it- we told you we like to keep it simple!


The effects of hard water on your usage of FOAMIE should not have particularly large effects on performance either. Hard water will slightly reduce the volume of foam compared to soft water. However, this is true with all surfactants and not specifically ours. The good news is that FOAMIE is still great in hard water and will provide the high level of care that everyone deserves!


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