Soap-Free Solid Care: Why it's better for your hair & skin

Soap-Free Solid Care: Why it's better for your hair & skin

You may hear us babbling on about our soap-free formulation and our Syndet base... but exactly why do we shout about this so much?

Well, soap is, by nature, not designed to work with the natural pH of your hair and skin. Many products on the market today are a soap-based formulation, using animal fats and sitting at a very alkaline pH level - way outside your skin's natural range of around pH 5.5. This results in an intense drying out of the hair and skin, and often why many companies claim there is a "transition" period when using their soap-based products. This transition period is actually where your hair and skin is adjusting to a more alkaline pH level, which isn't doing them any favours in the long-term, causing split ends and letting in bacteria and allergens.

Our Syndet - which looks very similar to soap - has been scrupulously developed to be optimised to your hair and skin's natural pH level, allowing for extra gentle cleansing by carefully opening up hair follicles and ensuring your skin is protected against bacteria, allergens, pollution and remains hydrated throughout the showering process.

All of our products - from our haircare Shampoo Bars and Conditioner Bars, through to our body products like our Body Bar use our Syndet formulation, ensuring a soap-free wash that's 100% vegan and free from any other nasty ingredients such as parabens, sulphates and silicones every time.

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  • Andrea Feeney

    After using a competitor brand I soon went back to normal brands.. But a Birthday yesterday saw me receive shampoo and conditioner bars a shower bar and a face wash. All I can say is wow, beautiful products, skin and hair, so soft. Kind to environment, no plastic…. Totally converted, love it all ❤️❤️🌎🐢

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