What Does Tea Tree Oil Do?

What Does Tea Tree Oil Do?

You might want to ask what does tea tree oil do… we want to ask what does tea tree oil not do?! 

I know us Brits love our tea, but this one is a little different, but we can assure you with the benefits this tea tree oil provides you’d love it too!  

So, what is it and what is the secret for why it has been around for so long? 

Tea tree oil is also known as Melaleuca alternifolia and originates from specific Australian tea tree leaves and ranges all the way back to the aboriginal times. The tea tree leaves are crushed into a fine oil which is created into a natural solution and made into products specialised for the skin. Although tea tree oil is natural it is made up of multiple healing compounds that are perfect for multiple types of use. Many people seek to use tea tree oil as a natural alternative as opposed to harsher chemicals when dealing with their skin. 

The anti- inflammatory and antimicrobial properties make tea tree oil the perfect little sidekick when dealing with acne and sensitive skin.  Tea tree will help to soothe the pimples and any redness or inflammation. The other antiseptic properties will cleanse the active acne area/ trapped skin cells and keep it clean helping prevent the progression of the acne and other forms of bacteria. Using tea tree daily will ensure that you can say bye bye to those blemishes and blackheads! 

A study conducted in 2015 has established that tea tree oil showed clear benefits as an acne treatment, even more so than some of its chemical counterparts. However, tea tree oil is a very powerful oil that needs to be diluted to be most effective and kind to the skin. Over at FOAMIE our formula has been created to be kind and gentle to the skin. Our Tea tree oil face bar for acne prone skin also has ingredients like tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, salicylic acid (BHA), and Kaolin clay suit the needs of skin that’s prone to breakouts to leave skin feeling fresh and clean.  Our soap-free formulation is pH optimized for gentle cleansing. Try ours for yourself today HERE!

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