Your Skin and pH Balance

Your Skin and pH Balance

Potential Hydrogen (pH) measures the level of acidity of something. The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14 with the midpoint (7) being considered neutral. Lower numbers represent greater acidity and higher numbers show more alkaline levels. It would seem obvious to suggest that you would not want a remotely acidic level on your face; however, a balance favouring a more acidic level is actually the healthiest. A level of acidity is actually essential in combating damaging microbes and reducing the effects of aging!

The less exposed areas of your body are likely to maintain a natural acidity- whereas, your exposed face and hands are normally more alkaline due to the exposure to the elements. The pH levels on your skin are impacted by factors such as air pollution, sweat, too much sun exposure and humidity

Our FOAMIE face pH-balancing cleansers allow the skin to keep up its natural defences whilst also preventing irritation. Like every other organ in our body, skin performs its best within a narrow, ideal environment, especially when it comes to your pH levels. According to dermatologists, the best pH level is 5.5 and our vegan FOAMIE face bars achieve between 5.5 and 6.5 which is near optimal levels- but still soft on your skin!

Our new syndet-based FOAMIE Cleansing Face Bar comes without soap and plastic, cleanses the skin gently and thoroughly- giving that good feeling!

 Our scientists have concocted a formula which avoids the fats and lye used in conventional soaps which have pH levels far higher than your face. Soap tightens the skin and often leads to your face drying out faster. Whereas, ours animal-free FOAMIE Face Bar cleans and foams for a massaging effect.


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