How to use our Conditioner Bars

Unlike traditional conditioners, FOAMIE Conditioner Bars don't contain any nasty ingredients such as added fats and butters. Some conditioners work by coating your hair in these ingredients, providing a short-term shine but not working to build long-term healthy hair. FOAMIE Conditioner Bars work over time to rebalance the natural pH of your hair, with our slightly acidic pH 4.5 formulation, carefully closing your hair cuticle and locking in moisture.


Foamie Shampoo BarPlace the conditioner bar under running water, and rub between the hands to create a lather.
Foamie Shampoo BarApply the lather to the lengths of the hair. Alternatively, run the conditioner bar directly down the hair.
Foamie solid shampooRinse the hair, and hang your conditioner bar up to dry or store within our FOAMIE Travel Buddy.